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Anderson's vintage machinery and memorabilia collection

Malcolm Anderson of Richmond cannot remember when he first started collecting "things". He thinks that it all began when he was a boy scout and began swapping compasses. He now has a most impressive collection of vintage machinery, cars, trucks, stationary engines and thousands of
other "things" which are all housed at his home in the Minerva Private Game Reserve situated high above the Byrne Village in what is generally known as Cunnigham's Castle which is some 1574 meters above sea level. The views from there are spectacular.

He recently had and open day for the public to view his vast collection of vintage memorabilia comprising hundreds of engines, vehicles, agricultural machinery and just about everything else that was manufactured prior to the 1940s. Many of the items on display including steam-powered stationary engines and vehicles arrived in bits and pieces sometimes with vital pieces missing. These parts were laboriously obtained by swapping parts with other collectors or by having them replicated.

His favourite is a 22 horse-power 1924 National Oil and Gas engine built in the U.K. It was used to pump water during his farming days in Zambia many years ago. Malcolm was overjoyed when he found a similar engine in KZN which was for sale. It arrived in bits and pieces and was completely restored. The photographs show him with the diesel-powered engine and a close-up of the restored engine.

Note the attention to detail and the mechanical skills needed to assemble the pieces into a working engine.

Outside the sheds is an almost as big a collection of agricultural machinery, rusting shells of motor vehicles, heaps of metal which in the opinion of many people, would be considered a collection of rusting junk. Imagine some time in the distant future when some archaeologist comes across the collection and tries to figure out what ancient culture brought their machines to the top of a mountain ¬for what purpose? Annual offerings to the sun God or is the' site that of a crashed UFO?

(Editor note- Malcolm and I have the distinction of attending Greenside Primary School in Johannesburg in our youth and using the Emerentia Dam as our personal fiefdom.. Malcolm has written a fascinating book about his exploits. Get a copy of his 'An Open Letter to My Children' written by Joan Wedekind for a rollicking tale).

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